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Muscle your way towards confidence. Let us help you achieve results through our Private Trainers’ resilient commitment and tireless effort. Our private trainers specialize in teaching practices that will improve your overall health and lead you towards a more sustainable life. They are with you step for step and rep for rep..


Cardio. Crunches. Camaraderie. Experience our wide variety of innovative classes designed to fit every schedule and need, we offer everything from strength, sculpting and conditioning to martial arts, dance and a number of styles unique to ultimate GYM. Our class schedules are designed to include both the latest fitness trends and methods for getting results in a fun, energizing atmosphere.


Physical therapists (PTs) at the ultimate GYM provide both proactive and reactive care to physical health. Examine, Evaluate, Diagnose, Treat.


ultimate GYM is no ordinary experience. It is a lifestyle program designed to achieve every individual members respective health and fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, every program, product and experience we offer begins and ends with creating a premiere and comfortable atmosphere tailored for your individual and overall success and safety.

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work out classes are more than the loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that are seen and heard in a fitness room. These-one hour blocks of time offer social inclusion opportunities, physical benefits and psychological support. One should never be bored with the variety of exercise choices offered in group settings. From kickboxing and step aerobics to boot camps and aqua aerobics, your fitness instructor will challenge and improve your body.

Attending a group fitness class gets you up off the couch and out of the same four walls of your home to meet people in your community. You are likely to have more fun exercising in a group than working out on your own. Fitness classes are a wonderful place to meet people who have similar lifestyle goals and needs. Make friends and discover solutions to problems as you talk with other participants before and after class.

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Body Conditioning

General toning class that will improve muscle tone and may include some fitness work.

Aerobics Classes

Aerobics classes combine rhythmic dance based routines to music. They are made up of aerobic exercise, stretching and strength training with the goal of improving all elements of fitness.

yoga Classes

Our yoga classes include a variety of yoga styles for developing awareness, flexibility, balance, concentration and mental clarity. By increasing energy flow within the body yoga is a great way to sculpt, develop core/stomach strength and reduce stress levels which will leave you feeling centred and calm.

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our trainers

Matt Roberts

matt is professional body condtioning trainer he is self-motivated, energetic, organized and responsible.he is good communicator and attentive to their clients,he is able to utilize and implement new technology, equipment and techniques. he has a 4 year of experience in body building

john ruskin

john ruskin is an experienced professional, with knowledge of various aerobics programs.Excellent in using various tools for aerobics programs. he introduced different useful programs for students benefit. Working as Aerobics instructor in XYZ aerobics centre since 09Aug20XX-till date

laura william

laura is a professional yoga instructor,She is based in usa and lends a wealth of knowledge and yoga experience. She teaches a vigorous Vinyasa flow class filled with challenging armbalances and inversions; she believes that our obstacles are our greatest blessings

jessica warner

jessica is professional zumba trainer she is self-motivated, energetic, organized and responsible.he is good communicator and attentive to their clients,she is able to utilize and implement new technology, equipment and techniques. she has a 4 year of experience as a zumba instructor.

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